The Spirit of Learning

$ 25.00 USD

Artist George E. Miller created “The Spirit of Learning” in 2003 to be his center piece for the California League of High Schools Conference. His artwork depicts high school kids in an open learning environment. Their magnificent teacher has found a way to engage all of her students as they discuss the open book that everyone in the picture has. Perhaps it’s Shakespeare or Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. What is important is that the spirit of learning has moved around throughout the lecture room and touched every student. We as educators must constantly find new ways to summon the Spirit of learning, to capture our student’s interest, value their opinions and make learning an inherent part of their lives. The 10 hidden messages: “Never give up, Set Goals, Courage, Desire a great future, Open a book, Read, Shine, Believe, Expand your Mind and Teach”