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My Safe Place: Coloring Book & Journal for Young Adults - George E. Miller

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Being safe is more than a roof over your head, food on your table, or lights in the middle of the night. Being safe is also looking in a mirror and knowing who you are is who you are meant to be, and who you are is special and a vital part of making our world a better place. People who are unsafe in their own lives and who feel unsafe in their own skin may find it difficult to see the beauty of our world and embrace the potential of trying. It takes work to be resilient. It takes work to be brave. It takes work to survive. George knows we all have it within us to love ourselves and to love others. Through a shared community of hope, together we can help youth in crisis not only feel safe but be safe. As you lose yourself in the self-reflection of these pages, remember your inner strength and beauty are important for your future. Sharing this strength is important for the future of our world. Thank you and happy coloring!

The National Safe Place Network (NSPN) team
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