Invite George E. Miller

• Guest Speaker / Presenter • Child Advocacy Art Display• Visiting Artist • Artist-In Residence Program

Guest Speaker / Presenter  At conferences and schools, George Miller’s lively presentations focus on the creative process and how he uses his art to help address important issues related to children, such as: education, foster care, autism, character education, leadership and dropout prevention.

Child Advocacy Art Display
At national conferences and special events, George Miller’s stunning Child Advocacy Art Display is a large crowd pleaser. With a wide selection of family-friendly images, perfect for office, facility or home, visitors are drawn in by the warm, vibrant colors of George Miller’s professional art exhibit.  This unique display can brighten the atmosphere of hotels and convention halls,  enhance public space with thoughtful, relevant imagery and inspire attendees.

Visiting Artist    At schools and community centers, George Miller brings his beautiful multicultural child advocacy art exhibit full of uplifting and encouraging images. George offers  auditorium presentations, classroom and small group sessions.  George also offers speaking topics and levels of student/participant interaction tailored to meet your needs.

Host a GEM Artist-In-Residence Program
Treat your students to a 2-week interactive art experience with Artist George E. Miller. Designed for small groups of Special Education, middle and high school aged children. Students build confidence and self-esteem in guided painting sessions and help create their own school mural!  
Fees include base cost, plus variables. For a free consultation, information or quote, contact us here.

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Dr. Hendershott with Educators and Artist George Miller’s Reaching The Wounded Student Artwork

FMS Artist in Residence Program