"As I have shared George’s artwork with educators in our national network of partner programs, many have spoken of the profound messages found in his pieces. The way he captures the importance of what we do is phenomenal. My students really appreciate the piece George crafted especially for Pathways Academy. They look at it and see themselves in those caps and gowns headed towards college and a brighter future. May George keep blessing others and inspiring others through his work."

Erica Trent
Director, Pathways Academy

My name is George Miller; I am a Child Advocacy Artist. I have devoted the past 20 years of my life to creating artwork that advocates for the education and well-being of children. All my artwork is hand drawn and hand painted. I am a self-taught artist.

I have been commissioned to create works of art by numerous child advocacy organizations across the country. The Child Welfare League of America, The National Youth at Risk Association, The American Association of School Social Workers, The Federation of Families, The Utah Comprehensive Counseling Association, The Florida Coalition for Children and the Florida Network of Child Advocacy Centers to name a few. Almost every piece of artwork on this website has been commissioned by an agency or organization working in support of children.

I love to create artwork that is meaningful and helpful. My artwork addresses issues such as literacy, dropout prevention, child abuse prevention, mental health and autism. I wish to inspire teachers, social workers, parents and grandparents, mentors and politicians. If a piece of my artwork encourages someone to share even one extra moment with a child that otherwise may have been overlooked, then my artwork has served its purpose.

I hope that other artists around the country will be inspired to use their talents to help people. Positive visual images help us to become tolerant of other people and conditions we don’t quite understand. They provide a unique opportunity for us to see what could and often should be. Visual images inspire people into action and help us to remember what our hearts already know.

Allow me to paint a picture for you of a world where artist of all mediums create works of art that address the issues that plague our society. Giant, bright and colorful murals adorn all our nation’s cities, encouraging unity and diversity. Our buildings are adorned in murals that salute our educators, doctors and nurses, police and firemen, social workers and psychologists. Schools and Universities are filled with art that inspires the spirit of learning. Statues around all major cities give hope to the homeless, raise the spirits of the poor and foster environments of love and peace.

As an artist I feel I have the power to change the world! If you are an artist consider creating a work of art that helps lift the spirit of a child or encourages those who work tirelessly to advocate for our children.