The Art Class

$ 25.00 USD

Hanging on the classroom wall are paintings by Pablo Picasso and Grant Wood an etching by Elizabeth Cattlett, a self portrait by Frieda Kahlo, a painting by Ellis Wilson and another by Diego Rivera. Find and write down the hidden names of six artists. The “Dot” is inspired by Peter Reynolds’s children’s book with the same name. One of my favorite books about a young girl ‘Vashti’ who finds her inner artist! During my school visits I always ask the question: How many artists do I have in the class? The younger the group the more hands go up and as the grade level increases I see fewer and fewer hands. Unfortunately we seem to unlearn how to be artist. I believe that there are thousands of ways that we use to creatively express ourselves and that is our particular art. We are all artist, just as we are all human beings. It may be the way you walk, talk or dress that is your art form. Whatever your art form is you owe it to yourself to embrace it and develop it to the best of your abilities! –George E. Miller