Children's Mental Health Matters

$ 25.00 USD

“Children’s Mental Health Matters” was created in 2013 for the National Federation of Families 24 Annual Conference in Washington, DC. The artwork illustrates a team of Child Advocates as they work tirelessly to equip a child with everything he will need to live a successful and fulfilling life. A Social Worker pours in gallons of resilience. This young man will need a reservoir of resilience to recover from the difficulties and setbacks that are inevitable in his lifetime. At the same time Child Psychologists use their tools to turn up his self esteem, symbolized by the shinning sun. They realize that children require the confidence to believe in themselves if they are to combat negative peer pressure. On the right two counselors carry in a load of grit to toughen his resolve and strengthen his moral character. Mental Health Counselors know he will need courage & determination as he moves through this life. Still another Educator has generously sprinkled stars of hope to his cerebrum to lead the way. As educators we understand that hope fertilizes resilience and grit, making them even more powerful. When they have all finished this young man will be as strong as the mighty oak tree and he will possess all the pillars of good character. Special thanks to all those individuals who take a stand for our children! Child Advocacy Artist George E. Miller II