A Special Blend II

$ 25.00 USD

“A Special Blend” was inspired by a conference I attended in Phoenix, Arizona in 2002 called “Educating the Multiracial Child”. The conference focused on some of the identity issues plaguing multiracial children. “Should I be friends with the kids that look like Mom or the kids that look like Dad?” Unfortunately we still live in a society where people are often negatively judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. Multiracial children are special because they are in the unique position of seeing life from two different sides. They quickly realize that ultimately all people are the same and that “good and not so good live on both sides of the track.” This school year when you choose your friends look a little deeper than the color of their skin. The person that may end up being your best friend may not look like you at all on the outside but their character could be identical!