Cultivating Dreams

$ 25.00 USD

When we transition children with disabilities from one stage in life to another we use the same love and care that we would use to transition seedlings out into the garden. First, we are patient enough to wait until the timing is best. While we wait, we prepared the perfect place for them in our garden. A spot where the warmth of the sun will embrace them and make them feel the most at home. Then we prepared their new home with topsoil and fertilizer, all the things they will need to create the most optimal situation for their roots to stretch and grow. With great care we transplant them into that soil and pull the soil in around them providing them the support they need until they gain the strength to stand on their own. We check on them regularly and water them often. Slowly their roots begin to grow and take hold; they begin to grow strong and independent. In time they blossom into beautiful flowers. Love cultivates hope; hope fertilizes resilience and we are farmers of dreams- Child Advocacy Artist George E. Miller II